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Video poker is quickly getting popularity as more and more people are starting to appreciate its wide selection of gaming and betting opportunities. The good news is that the video poker is not only available on line where you can access it anytime/anywhere but they also offer attractive video poker bonuses that ensure that you get the greatest gaming experience. You get a deal of five cards which you can then discard until you get the combination that you want and if you get the winning combination you get paid.

These video poker bonuses come in different forms and have different wager requirements. For example some bonuses like the sign-up bonus are cashable and you get to keep it after meeting the wager requirements. There are others like the sticky bonus which you can't cash but instead you can only use it to wager. If you win, you only get to keep the winnings and not the bonus after meeting the wager requirements. It is therefore important that as a player you be aware of the wagering conditions before you sign up for any bonus as it will save you a lot of money.

By first comparing the many video poker bonuses available online, you will get to choose the one from which you stand to gain the most. There are very many websites giving bonus reviews and ratings which make it easy for players to access all the information that they need. You can also sign up in different casinos websites and you will get up dates on any upcoming bonuses so that you can take full advantage of them.

As a precaution, make sure that the casino has been tested and certified for fairness and accuracy such that you are guaranteed to receive your video poker bonuses if you win.